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Configuring Problems Mail Relay Agent for E-Mails from Storage-Nodes

Ralf Gerresheim
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Configuring Problems Mail Relay Agent for E-Mails from Storage-Nodes



I have Problems to configure my CMC-Host to work as Mail-Relay agent between the P4500 nodes and the E-Mail-Server (MS Exchange).

Situation: CMC - Host is W2k8 R2 and has one NIC connected to the iSCSI storage and one NIC connected to the LAN.

Ther is now gateway or routing between iSCSI and LAN.

On he CMC-Host I installed SMTP Server and IIS - Management console to this server and configure the relay settings, and defiend the FQDN of the E-Mail-Server and the Mail-Relay.

Via telnet I can reach the Mailserver on port 25.

In CMC, the E-Mail settings, I configured the IP-Adress of he E-Mail server (or has it now the IP of the Mail-Relay, i.d. the IP of the CMC-Host) a sender adress and a recipient adress.

When I test the configuration, I get error messages, concerning failed DNS configuration, or wrong IP adress.


Does anyone has an idea, what my cofiguration mistake is?


Anonymous authentication is enabled on the Mail-Server.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Configuring Problems Mail Relay Agent for E-Mails from Storage-Nodes

have you tested from a pc connected to the iscsi lan?
Firewall on cmc host?
my config are the same and complain about dns if i use ip address but works.
i will give a try with wireshark on cmc host to verify smtp traffic
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Re: Configuring Problems Mail Relay Agent for E-Mails from Storage-Nodes

first, CMC is NOT a server or a service, its simply a program that enables you to see and configure your nodes, you can't configure and run everything 100% without CMC through the provided CLI if you wanted.


That said, if you don't have a gateway outof your SAN, the only solution is to provide a proper multi-homed server that will do your mail relay.  Most VSA SANS should have a gateway, but if you really don't want that you have to setup a SMTP relay within your san that can talk with your exchange server.  You can then setup your mail settings through CMC to point to the relay server and it should work if you configure exchange to accept mail from the relay server.


You might run into a problem w/ DNS as well which means you would have to put in some dedicated DNS servers in the san that are multi-homed as well...  this is pretty much why this SAN solution really assumes you are having a routed SAN w/ a gateway.  You might want to re-address why you are isolating the SAN so much and not providing a gateway... a simple firewall/router can do the trick and then you get the full benefits of the iSCSI SAN.