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Re: Configuring network traffic types of VSA in CMC


Configuring network traffic types of VSA in CMC

We have a small 2-node cluster with StoreVirtual VSA (Quorum witness on a QNAP NAS).
The VSA has eth0 connected to the management network and eth1 to the iSCSI network.
All iSCSI traffic is isolated on 2x 10GbE NICs.
Apart from some latency issues the system is up and running.

But I recently discovered that the network confguration in CMC is not quite right.
When I goto Network->Comminication all network types are assigned to eth1.
(And the manager IP addressses shown below are the iSCSI assigned addresses.)

I would like to change the management interface to eth0, but can I do this on a live system?

Since the Quorum witness is on the management LAN, I guess I should also change the Lefthand OS NIC to eth0, but again: is this possible on a live system?

How will the nodes communicate with each other when I change the Lefthand OS NIC on the first VSA and then the other?

After changing this I should run "Update manager IP addresses" - correct?

Any help appriciated.


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Re: Configuring network traffic types of VSA in CMC

Hello Kristian,

I have the exact same pb (2 nodes cluster, all network types on eth1, latency issues).

Did you get any answers ? How did you proceed ?


Re: Configuring network traffic types of VSA in CMC

Dear @conXO

You may change only the management interface to eth0, this does not require any downtime. Lefthand OS NIC (will still maintain the quorum) and iSCSI should remain at eth1.

"When configuring a management interface on an HP StoreVirtual Storage system, you must designate the storage interface (iSCSI) as the LeftHand OS interface for that storage system in the CMC. This is done on the communications tab in the network configuration category for that storage system."

You can also refer the best practices:

This blog, although not exactly as your situation but, gives a general idea:

Regarding latency issue, you may disable ATS Heartbeat, Large receive offload (LRO - Root access required) and delayed ACK.

HPE StoreVirtual 4000 and HPE StoreVirtual 3000 Storage - Host Performance And Connectivity May Become Degraded When Running VMware ESXi 5.5 Update 2 Or Later:

Hope this helps.


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Re: Configuring network traffic types of VSA in CMC

Thanks Vikas,

I will lok into your suggestions.