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Connecting Microsoft ISCSI Intiatior

Occasional Contributor

Connecting Microsoft ISCSI Intiatior

Here is my set up...


I have my hyper-v host on a 192.168.* network and i configured my HP P4300 on a 172.16.0.* network,


Im using a seperate switch for ISCSI traffic and im trying to figure out how tro connect my hyperv host to the luns ive created on my p4300? microsoft iscsi intiator is not seeing the luns?


any ideas?

Paul Hutchings
Super Advisor

Re: Connecting Microsoft ISCSI Intiatior

Starting with the basics:


Can you ping the nodes and the VIP from the server?

Is the iSCSI initiator name definitely correctly entered in the CMC?

Is the volume/LUN definitely assigned to the server in the CMC?