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Convert to Network RAID-5 From RAID-0??????

Mike J Herrera
Occasional Visitor

Convert to Network RAID-5 From RAID-0??????

I've got two P4500G2s configured as network RAID-0 (I had no choice at the time).

No we can afford two more P4500G2s. When I add then new ones to the cluster, will it let me change to network RAID-5?

I appreciate all input.


Respected Contributor

Re: Convert to Network RAID-5 From RAID-0??????

Network RAID level can be changed dynamically on the fly, and can be configured on a per-volume basis.

HARDWARE RAID level is a per storage node setting (although it usually doesn't make sense to have different hardware RAID levels within a particular cluster) requires a re-stripe of the cluster.

You CAN change the storage node hardware RAID level, but only if ALL volumes are not Network RAID-0, and they would need to be removed from the cluster (one node at a time), reconfigured, re-added to the cluster, then the cluster gets re-striped, then you could move on to the next node.