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DR Site Access / Quarum

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DR Site Access / Quarum

I'm looking for some guidance on what I should do.

Current setup is with one management group, 2 clusters with 2 nodes each.

One site is our main data center and the other is our DR Site.

I have all the volumes on the Main going to the the DR with schedules replication.


The problem that I'm running into is with quarum and loss of access to the nodes on the DR site if it looses connectivity to the main site. This would not be such a big problem if the DR site was strickly a DR site, I have had to put two servers in our DR site and when the link is lost I need both sites to stay up and running.


Is my solution to create a new management group and put the DR site into it? Or is this what an FOM is for? How will that effect the replication? How is everyone else doing this?






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Re: DR Site Access / Quorum

You will need a FOM. Have you looked at this document?

P4000 Multi-Site HA/DR Solution Pack user guide

The idea is that both clusters should have access to the FOM to maintain quorum.

You could install a virtual manager and this would provide the option of doing a "manual intervention", the advantage of the FOM is it provides an "automated intervention".

In regards to the FOM make sure you do not install it on the SAN it needs to be on independent storage.

You have not provided much information regarding your network or IP setup so I am assuming that both clusters are on the same subnet, anyway look over that document and see if it helps.

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Re: DR Site Access / Quarum



For remote sites it is a best practice to create a second management group and move the nodes in there...

There will be no impact on operations, remote copy is perfectly possible accross management groups...





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Re: DR Site Access / Quarum

thanks this is what I was thinking but just wanted to confirm it.
I made the config changes and it works great.