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Damaged P4500

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Damaged P4500

Hi Team,


Sorry this may sound very silly, but I have a co-worker that accidently dropped a P4500 from the top of a rack and now it is damaged.

:( :(




While I am going to work with the Customer Support to get the broken unit fixed, we need to see how we can get it up and running quickly since we need to use it quite extensively...


We may have a P4500 used for training in our office. What is the best procedure in replacing the broken unit with the one from the office?

Do we just make sure that it has the same Hostname and IP and bring it back into the cluster and it’ll do a restrip?


Help needed... quite urgently in this case...






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Re: Damaged P4500

First i would suggest you to talk to HP Support. Check about the Damage of the box. If it is only Cosmetic Damage, you can use the all good parts to spare server.

I work for HP
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Re: Damaged P4500

The problem comes with the licence, based on the MAC address of the box.


If you can use the system board of the old box, you are fine. If not, you need a new licence, when using "exchange unit". IIRC you have a 60 day instant on by default.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Damaged P4500

HP support team on reddit posted a link to change the mac address of the internal nic, but he said it was just easier to "rehost" the mac address yourself. Once you are setup in HP software online, you can rehost all day long by yourself.

This is a good use for having a VSA , you could temporarily use any old box until you can get the server repair under warranty!
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Re: Damaged P4500

if the node is dead and not ever going to turn back on and all your LUNs are at least NR10 and the "spare" node you have is a licensed node, you don't need to (and should't) change the IP address and name to match to old node but just make sure the new node has a DIFFERENT IP and name on the correct subnet and then join it to the managment group and then you can do a node exchange to replace out the broken unit....  I"ve done this a few times w/ VSAs and its never been a problem.