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Died FOM server in a multi site environment with Storevirtual 4330 SAN

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Died FOM server in a multi site environment with Storevirtual 4330 SAN

Hi all

I have two Storvirutal 4330 runing as a multisite with a FOM server.

My FOM server died with hardware and everthing, i am not able to get the FOM back, the hardware, software and everthing gone. I created a new FOM server and want to attach it in my Management Group, but i get the following error: [You cannot add a Failover Manager into a management group that already has a Failover Manager.] see also screenshot 

When i click on my FOM in the Manage group, i am not able to do anything, it says: [Could not find storage system with serial number xxx:xxx:xx:xx:xx:xx] see screenshot.

Please let me know how can remove or delete the died FOM server/vm.

Or do i really have to delete the whole Management group and create a new one which means 2-3 dayes of work?