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Disk Space Reporting - Confusion

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Paul Hutchings
Super Advisor

Disk Space Reporting - Confusion

I'm having a bit of a blonde moment.

Can someone clarify for me please when I'm looking in the CMC at various disk usage figures, which is the space used by the application and which is the space used on the P4000?

e.g. I allocate a 100gb think volume to a server, Network RAID10 and then write 10gb to it.

So I have 100gb allocated, only 10gb used, but 20gb written across the nodes - just getting a bit confused as to which figures apply where in the CMC.

Honored Contributor

Re: Disk Space Reporting - Confusion

"Total space" is fixed for installed hardware.

"Provisioned Space" is total volume capacity seen from the hosts. In thin provisioned volumes it's the max capacity and also includes the RAID overheads (2x for RAID10).

"Provisioned for Volume" is actual data usage. Thin provisioned volume will only consume data space and RAID overheads.

"Provisioned for snapshot" as said provisioned space for snapshot.

"Not Provisioned" = (Total Space) - (Provisioned for volume + Provisioned for snapshot)

You can also get the P4000 CMC userguide from; search for p4000 or click the link
Paul Hutchings
Super Advisor

Re: Disk Space Reporting - Confusion

Thanks, I think "Consumed Space" when looking at Clustername/Volume Use was the one confusing me - seems that's the space the volume consumes including RAID type so if I have a 40gb thick volume and I use Network RAID 10 it would "consume" 80gb - just takes a bit of thinking about and yesterday was not a good day :)