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Does Storevirtual 4730 has vsa integrated?

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Does Storevirtual 4730 has vsa integrated?

Storevirtual noob here. After reading the storevirtual whitepaper, my understanding is:
1) Storevirtual is the VSA Appliance.
2) The Storevirtual 4730 is basically a sort of a blade server (gen 8 or gen 9) that has additional NIC Ports, 25 disks and storevirtual vsa integrated into it.
3) One can just buy the storevirtual vsa and deploy it on existing servers or hardware.
My questions:
1) How do we make storage visible to the servers. I come from a traditional SAN background where we have storage port wwns that are zoned with server hba wwns. A storage group with LUNs, the server and storage array wwns is created and then the server sees the disks after scanning.
How's it done with iSCSI and storevirtual?
Please let me know if there are some guides that could make it clear. I've gotta ramp up with Storevirtual asap and will be very thankful if someone could provide pointers and or guidance.
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Re: Does Storevirtual 4730 has vsa integrated?

You can buy the VSA software only nodes.  I don't have the SKUs offhand, but they are out there and they come in different capacity licenses.  All but the smallest ones are full-featured.  They used to be perpetual, but now I'm not sure if you can do that or they are just term licenses.

Unlike the physical appliances, the VSA software doesn't run directly on the hardware and instead is a VM (either Hyper-V or VMWare, or maybe others now).  I believe you can get slightly better performance on the hardware ones, but the VM VSAs can be setup to run very well if you follow the documentation.  I don't have time to find those links, but download and read through the BPA guides for the setup of the VSAs and it will tell you all you need to know about their design and how the system works.  There aren't many manuals worth reading, but HP actually did a good job with this one.

If you can't find it, download and install the CMC software, the help documents within the program pretty much have all the information in it as well and is worth reading.


As for deplying the VSAs, they work well and I use them here.  The only issues you have to be aware of are chicken and the egg problems where you have to think about what requires what resources and make sure you don't run something on a LUN that is critical to have running before the VSA system is running.  It can make restarting hosts a little more complicated managing how many and when they can be restarted, but as long as you don't restart too many at the same time and allow them to re-sync, it all works perfectly with as close to 100% uptime as any normal company can afford.