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Re: E01020207:EID_BBU_FAULTY Alarm message meaning?

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E01020207:EID_BBU_FAULTY Alarm message meaning?

I have a P4300 running version


Event:           E01020207:EID_BBU_FAULTY

Message:    The 'cache 1'BBU status is 'Faulty'.  Contact technical support for assistance.

Type:            Cache

Name:          Cache 1

Component: HW


I have a critical alarm that does not go away by rebooting. I can find no documentation or mention of the alarm while searching all of HP -- or any other P4300 alarm using link provided per alarm via the management console.


What does the alarm mean and how the clear the alarm? All I know from cryptic alarm text is that it has something to do with cache.





Re: E01020207:EID_BBU_FAULTY Alarm message meaning?

If it is a Node which is not added to a Management Group, Then just right click on the RAID under Storage and Rebuild RAID.

Else contact HP Support.
There is a Support only Patch for this condition. Patch 10096.
HP Support should install the patch for you.
I work for HPE
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Re: E01020207:EID_BBU_FAULTY Alarm message meaning?

Sounds like the battery of the smart array controller is dead.

Hope this helps!

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Re: E01020207:EID_BBU_FAULTY Alarm message meaning?

Yep.  Using the Management Console  I was able to determine that the cache battery was in a failed state.  What I cannot find now is any information about the P4300 hardware or where and how to replace.  It's using a SmartArray but I cannot determine what the underlying hardware platform is.  I have asked the site (now in Spain) to provide the s/n so we can use HP to replace.