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ERROR E00020101

Frequent Advisor

ERROR E00020101

I have this error on my lefthand (at the end of the message)


When i look at  the date of the alarm, it correspond at the date that we made the update to the version 9.5 (yesterday)


All the lun are full lun

I will not create new lun until i will buy new nodes

I didn't use snapshot

I will not made new update until i will buy new nodes

I didn't have the alarm before


My question is:

Is it a problem for the next months for the performance, or was it just because between the update it need more space ?


thanks nicolas 



The cluster 'CL_OCA' is becoming full.  The cluster 'CL_OCA' space utilization is at 97.06% of capacity.  This utilization value exceeds 95.00%. As the cluster approaches being full, scheduled snapshot or remote snapshot creation may fail due to a lack of space, application writes may fail on thinly provisioned volumes when the cluster is full, and other tasks that require cluster space may be impacted. Some actions to reduce capacity utilization on the SAN are to delete volumes and snapshots, reduce snapshot retention, add nodes to the storage cluster, use thin provisioning, switch large volumes from Network RAID 10 to Network RAID 5, move volumes to other clusters, etc.