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EVA4000 - Status code 4078 ?

BG Jeong

EVA4000 - Status code 4078 ?

Thank you in advance for your help.


I have been using a eva4000 + 1TB command view eva license.


A few months ago, 8 disks have installed.


Then I realized that need additional 1TB command view eva license.


And command view eva 6.0.2 is free.


I added disks using command view eva 6.0.2.


It's OK for a few months.



In command view eva 6.0.2, "View is not built" "Nsc manage interface index out of range" has been shown.

In command view eva 8, "Status code 4078" has been show


eventually, have to buy a command view eva license?


I have one more question.


what is the way to try to enter the license?


just the only the menu is "import / export licenses".


refer to attached file.



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Tru64 from Korea
Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA4000 - Status code 4078 ?

After CV 6 the license system changed. You need to ask HP for a new license.