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Elegant removal of old P4300's

Occasional Contributor

Elegant removal of old P4300's

Hey all


I want to power off my old lefthand nodes. So far, I have striped them from my cluster, and removed them from the management group. 


Does anyone have any further steps that I should take to most elegantly remove them?  I am thinking of breaking the bonds and removing the netowkr details all together.


I don't actualy intend to re-use these nodes at all, so is this necessary?



Valued Contributor

Re: Elegant removal of old P4300's

No, it's not necessary to do anything else.

Apart from the bonds you created, the nodes are in a state that's  close them having been powered  and discovered in CMC .


If you want, you can use ILO remote console to login to the NSM and reset each one to factory defaults by typing "start" at the command line.

Then,  select "Config Managemnt", and choose the "Reset to Default Settings" option.
This wipes out the configuration (including the security and SAN/IQ metadata) and all the LUN data stored on the NSM.