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Encryption for HP Products

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Encryption for HP Products

Hello there,


I have three products I need to encrypt, this might be a three-forum issue, and any help is appreciated


(1) HP Storageworks msl 2024


(1) HP 4000 Pro SFF


(2) HP Storageworks P4300 G2


I have searched the HP support pages and it looks like the msl2024 has an Encryption Module I can purchase, the 4000 Pro might be as simple as Symantec Whole Disk Encryption or MS BitLocker, the P4300 G2 I cannot find anything.  The P4300 G2 is booted from Dell Server and has Server 2008 R2 64 and might be able to use Symantec or Microsoft. 
Any help is welcome
Thank you

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Re: Encryption for HP Products

P4300 G2 can't encrypt the disks but can only encrypt the iSCSI packets using CHAP. If encryption is desired, it has to be done at OS level that is using P4300 iSCSI target.


Not a great help but that's what I got from my experience with Lefthand technology.