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End-of-life Lefthand P4300 G2 4 nodes 3.6TB total 14.4TB?

Fred Blum
Regular Advisor

End-of-life Lefthand P4300 G2 4 nodes 3.6TB total 14.4TB?

Hi Guys,

We are now running 6 years without any problems on our HP Lefhand P4300 G2 with 4 nodes.  We have spread them over 2 buildings connected by fiber. On top we are running 3x MS W2012 R2  with MS Fail over Cluster and Hyper V Virtual servers W2008.  

As we need more storage space and given the reliable and still good performance of the P4300 G2, my original idea was to just buy additional P4300 G2 nodes to add to the cluster. 

-  Is it still possible to buy (refurbished, EU/ NL) P4300 G2 hardware and add it to the cluster? .

- Our partner is not recommending that path (end-of-life) but recommends NetApp hybrid storage E series E2700 as a successor

- What is the recommended HP succesor? Pros and cons?

- As our most critical and growing servers are SQL Servers with high IO I would like to move the SQL server data to SSD drives.  What is an affordable and good flash high availability storage solution?

Readers and pointers are appreciated to get up to date on available solutions. 





Re: End-of-life Lefthand P4300 G2 4 nodes 3.6TB total 14.4TB?

> There is a typo in the original post,


You can edit your post by using Post Options on right > Edit Reply.

Then delete your followup post, using similar options.