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'Excessive' packet loss. Packet Loss is ' 0.94'%

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'Excessive' packet loss. Packet Loss is ' 0.94'%

Hello All,

Can anyone let me know if I should be worried about these errors?

Event                   :       E010A0401 EID_IP_ERRORS_EXCESSIVE
Severity                :       Warning
Component               :       HW
Object Type             :       Network
Object Name             :       MANIAVSA1
Management Group        :       MainManagementGroup
Cluster                 :       Cluster1
IP/Hostname             :       MANIAVSA1
Date and Time           :       01/19/2018 09:03:28 GMT
User                    :       System
Resolution              :
Message                 :       The IP 'MANIAVSA1' has 'Excessive' packet loss. Packet Loss is ' 0.94'%


the link to tell you the resolution takes you to a non existent page.

from what I have read here it seems lots of people started getting these error when they updated to 12.7 vsa version.  We have only had 12.7 so I can't say that we would not have gotten the errors on an erlier release.

Some background

we have a 2 Node cluster DL360's gen9 all 1G ports and they are all bonded, including the iSCSI connections.

the FOM is on a 3rd ESX server that is not part of this cluster.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.




Re: 'Excessive' packet loss. Packet Loss is ' 0.94'%

Hi Paul


I had the same problem, from time to time. Solution was on the switch to check and change MTU jumboframes to NOT use them or change the size to all use the same size.




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Re: 'Excessive' packet loss. Packet Loss is ' 0.94'%

Hey Thomas 

thanks for the reply.

So we don't have jumbo frames enabled, but I have heard that if you don't have the same settings for jumbo frames set across all VM's / servers you will get an error.

So I did find the Fix for my issue.  It turned out to be the bandwith settings under the (Main Management Group) this was set to 40Mb and the recomended setting is 16Mb.


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Re: 'Excessive' packet loss. Packet Loss is ' 0.94'%

Haven't found a solution for that. In my opinion it could correlate with Flow Control settings...... ???

It is only appearing when I'm running my backup at night!

Someone has a solution please tell me ;-)