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Expanding Lefthand Guideline

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Expanding Lefthand Guideline



We have Lefthand P4300 x2 in cluster and now we intend to add two more node of similar model .


Is there any guideline or document in relation to this ?


thanks in adv.

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Re: Expanding Lefthand Guideline

I am not sure I undersand your question?

If you are asking in regards to adding them to the cluser it is a straight forward process.

You should make sure that you fully update all the latest firmware

You should make sure that you have all the latest patches, if you have not done this on the existing nodes you could do that also. 

Make sure all your settings match on the network side.

Add them both to the management group

Add them both to the cluster at the same time, this wil save you time on the re-stripe.

You should see a marked improvement in perfromance , after 3 nodes is when the 4000's begin to scale really well.

Let me know if you have any more specific questions.


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Re: Expanding Lefthand Guideline

Emilo is correct about the procedure for adding the new nodes. One thing to consider is Quroum. Make sure to use a failover manager if you haven't allready got that setup.