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FAN HOT-PLUG - HP StoreVirtual 4330

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FAN HOT-PLUG - HP StoreVirtual 4330


We have a StoreVirtual 4330 and the fan has a problem. We opened a call with HPE and they say we need to turn off this server before changing the fan.

In the official HP documentation, I see the HOT-PLUG information for the fans and I understand that there is no need to turn off the equipment.

Could you help with this?

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Re: FAN HOT-PLUG - HP StoreVirtual 4330

This is a Proliant DL360 Gen8 with hotplug fans.

There is a display at the front, pull it out to see which fan has failed.

Carefully pull the server out and open the cover, replace the fan, the system will be quit after some seconds.


The biggest problem always are too short cables that prevents pulling the server out of the rack.


I have swapped such fans many times without problems.

Hope this helps!

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