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FOM on ESXi 5.5

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FOM on ESXi 5.5

We recently had a very large (2 firmware, 1 BIOS, SAN/iQ) update. Most everything went according to plan, except the update for the virtual Failover Manager VM. It was running version 9.0 on a "recently upgraded to" VMWare 5.5 environment. After the OS update to 10.5, we are getting a "Could not find staorage system with serial number <MAC here>."


We are running 4 P4500s now on SAN/iQ 9.5. I'm thinking it might just be easier to spin up a new Failover Manager VM then troubleshooting the existing one. I noticed there was some concern with running a FOM on VMWare 5.5. Has anyone here seen any issues with doing so?


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