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Failover Manager Bandwidth Requirements


Failover Manager Bandwidth Requirements

Hi All,


I do many vSphere 5 metro stroage cluster implementations and have always had to put the FOM in one of the two physical sites, often stated by HP as a "3rd logical site".


I understand all the requirements such as maximum RTT, minimum ISL bandwidth between sites, etc but I cannot understand the requirement of the FOM needing at least 100 Mbps connectivity between itself and the storage nodes in a vMSC configuration as per the vSphere 5 Metro Storage Cluster document (page 6)  If the FOM does no data movement, then why the need for 100Mbps?


Here in Australia not many people are able to afford a 100Mb tail which means we cannot have the FOM in a 3rd physical site which would be optimal.


What's everyones' experience with FOM placement with regard to network bandwidth?  Has anyone put it in a 3rd site with sub-100Mb bandwidth?