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Fans alerts in CMC

Occasional Advisor

Fans alerts in CMC

Hi All,
I have just updated the firmwares on my DL320s (a old Lefthand SAN)
Hard Drive firmware
ILO Firmware
Raid firmware

Firmware update went fine, node rebooted ok and volumes re synced ok.
Logging in via the ILO all FANs are ok, but in the CMC, fan speed is reporting as "unknown" and I am getting loads of email alerts. Any one else had this?
Ill try rebootig to see if it clears it.
Honored Contributor

Re: Fans alerts in CMC

I have a dl320s and upgraded f/w a while ago to what was the lastest then (6 mths ago)and had no problems.
Interested to know if yours is OK now and what f/w revs you are currently running.
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Bryan McMullan
Trusted Contributor

Re: Fans alerts in CMC

What version of SAN/iQ are you running? There were a few patches on 8.0-8.5 that dealt with incorrect hardware reporting.

I think they dealt with fan and power supply. I can't remember what the patch number was, but it fixed my issue when the same thing happened on my DL320's.
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Re: Fans alerts in CMC

Ahh sorry guys, I should have elaborated;

Running SANiQ 8.1
Firmware updated was;
Backplane = 2.02
Raid = 7.22
System Rom 2008.06.10A (DL320s)

I havent managed to reboot the SAN yet, but will tonight. I have upgraded another unit and then it wouldnt connect to the CMC, after a lengthy call to HP (lefthand) I downgraded the ILO fw to 1.81 and had to reconfigure my networking. (delete the nw bond and recreate it) to get it working
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Re: Fans alerts in CMC

The breaking of the bonds does not apply to this issue. You must downgrade the ILo to 1.82 or lower. This can be done live over ILO2 administration or with standard firmware application methods. 

Trusted Contributor

Re: Fans alerts in CMC

One should check the Firmware Compatibility Matrix for HP P4000 before performing the firmware upgrades

Please find the link here

Or Direct Link to PDF

Recommendations for SANiQ 8.1
Raid = 7.22
Drive Backplane = 1.24
BIOS : System Rom : 2008.06.10A
iLO2 : 1.82 (2.05 for SANiQ 9.0)

I dont think you should go down to 1.24 on the backplane as you are not having issues with it.

But I would recommend going down to 1.82 for iLO.
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