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Firmware Updates Process

Julius Zombie
Occasional Contributor

Firmware Updates Process

My 2 Node Cluster is currently running 9.0 and I updated the CMC to 10.0 and  see the following updates that need to be applied (firmware updates)


Has anyone applied these patches by simplying selecting Update in the CMC....any potential issues and how long would this take to complete?  I typically work on NETAPPS so I have never observed how long the patches take or the stability on HP SAN relying on this simple "Update" in the GUI.


Update listing:










Thanks for any comments from the community on their experiences.


Frequent Advisor

Re: Firmware Updates Process

Be aware that the updates listed in the CMC are not all of the udpates that the nodes need to be completely up to date.


I had to make a custom usb firmware boot drive to bring my drives to the latest firmware, nodes to the newest bios, and raid controller to the latest firmware.  After that was done I did the san/iq updates.   This was the recommended process from hp support.


If you just want to do the udpates from the cmc, I would guess no more than 20-30 minutes per node.  Which really doesn't matter becauase you can do it live on off hours, with no downtime.



Honored Contributor

Re: Firmware Updates Process

update time totally depends on your specific configuration.  The process upgrades one node at a time and then reboots it.  That doesn't take more than five minutes or so to complete, but it then requires a resync of the nodes to bring back redundancy of the nodes.  Rinse and repeat for each node...  if you have a lot of activity going on, that resync process will take longer.


The update process is non-disruptive to production, but it will definitely go faster if you do it when the system load is lowest.

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Re: Firmware Updates Process

one other thing... I don't see you mention a FOM. You should put one in if you don't have one already. Do that before the upgrade.
Julius Zombie
Occasional Contributor

Re: Firmware Updates Process

Thanks for the detailed responses.


I logged into my CMC (10.0) and I see my FOM is running


When I right+click on my storage group and click "Check for Upgrades" it only shows thoese firmware updates I posted before.


Is there a simple way to initiate the 10.0 Update on the FOM and 2 SAN nodes? 

Honored Contributor

Re: Firmware Updates Process

is the FOM not the same version as the other nodes?  Everything should be upgraded at the same time and I can't think of why it wouldn't be unless you haven't updated anything since the FOM was installed.


If you are going up to v10 and you aren't sure if your FOM is running as an x64 VM, its simple to just removed the FOM, delete it and then create a new FOM.


edit:  reading the top, I think everything is at the same level.  Just run the upgrade from CMC and it will upgrade the FOM at the same time.  It will tell you if the FOM isn't able to be upgraded and if it isn't, then just remove and delete it and create a new one that is x64.

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Re: Firmware Updates Process

Hi Dan,

when using the USB drive to complete the FW upgrade how did you bring the individual nodes offline?

I expect the process is to right click on the node in storage systems and select "Power off or Reboot..." and let the node boot to the USB drive.






Trusted Contributor

Re: Firmware Updates Process

Not sure if you fixed this already?

If so just run the updates from the CMC. It will tell you which ones its going to apply.

The more re-boots and the larger the volumes the longer it will take.


After you run the updates in the CMC just verify the fw against the compatibitly matrix.

I can tell you the drives will probably be out of date.

Although they do alot of the "critical' updates to the drives now.



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Re: Firmware Updates Process



would it possible to put all the patches from CMC to a USB drive and have those isntalled on the p4300g2 ? since i'm experiecing a DiskTemperatureTest - fail on my disks. 3tb IBM-XIV ST33000650SS B1