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FoM installation in P4800 G2 live environment

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FoM installation in P4800 G2 live environment



We have trwo node cluster P4800 G2 solution, single site solution. Solution is live and lot of virtual machines and applications are hosted on this. Now we are planning to install FoM on a windows Hyper-V machine, as FoM was not installaed previously due to some infrastrucure limitations.

Do you see any risk to install FoM in live environment ? or any precautions ?




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Re: FoM installation in P4800 G2 live environment

The should NOT be any risk at all unless you dont follow the intructions.

If you are really nervous just create it and it will be outside of the management group.

Hopefully you already have a 'virtual manager' installed.

When you create the FOM it will show up in available systems

You will then add it to the management group.

You can try to ping it from the other nodes before you add it.

It will make you uninstall the Virtual managager first.