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GP Storvirtual Connectivity

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GP Storvirtual Connectivity

I am setting up an HP StroVirtual LAB as i am planning a Hyper V cluster deployment with HP VSA as the shared storage. I am creating the LAB using nested Hyper V hosts on an ESX 5.1 physical host. I have set up the VMs with all parameter to allow for Windows to run Hyper V in a nested scenario using virtuallyghettos web site info.


So I have two servers with 10 NICs for the Networks I need  the servers are built and all features and roles have been installed. I have created my dedicated VSA switch and installed the VSA Vm on to each host. All installed successfully . This is the problem...... I can not ping the VSA VM on host A from host B and vice versa. So my CMC is only picking up a VSA from the host where the CMC is installed. it can see the VSA on the other host but i think this is being oicked up on DNS or UDP when it scans for hosts. I can ping each host on all NICs it is only the VMs inside the hosts that can not communicate with one another. i can not log onto the VSA as i do not know and cannot find the VSA default password for root. 

Can any one shed any light on why the VMs can not communicate outside of the host it self? (The VSA Switch is an External Network)

And does any one have the default password for root on the VSA so that I can do some internal analysis.





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Re: GP Storvirtual Connectivity

The basic answer would be to simply the networking.

Start with one NIC per VSA VM, and make sure that they are on the same VMware network.
I think your issue is that there's is an incongruency between your Hyper-V network and your VMware netwrk.
Lastly, make sure that the VM or PC that the CMC is running on has a physical or routed connection to the network.


VSA networking is not dependent on DNS per-se to work.

Yes, CMC does a basic udp search for for SAN i/Q devices running on the local subnet.

If you have a routed network, you can add the VSAs ip from the other subnets directly in CMC, and the SAN i/Q devices would be found.

Re: GP Storvirtual Connectivity



PFA the storeVirtual connectivity guidelines.


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