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Graceful shutdown of HP\Lefthand SAN

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Graceful shutdown of HP\Lefthand SAN

Looking for a graceful automated shutdown method in the event of a power failure. we have an APC Symmetra UPS with powerchute for our VM's... but I haven't seen anything on an shutting down the SAN in an automated fashion. Anybody got anything worked out for that?



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Steven Clementi
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Re: Graceful shutdown of HP\Lefthand SAN

Power off your Lefthand Servers after all of your other servers that access it have shutdown. This should finish up and close out all pending i/o's.

There is no "shutdown" option in the console. There aren't alot of options in the console at all. Pretty much you set the IP address in the console, then forget about it (the console).

Short story: I don't think there is a "graceful" procedure. I could be wrong though.

Steven Clementi
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Uwe Zessin
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Re: Graceful shutdown of HP\Lefthand SAN

The CLI manual has this example:

> cliq shutdownGroup login= userName=admin passWord=secret

I've tried it on a management group with 2 clusters, 3 VSAs and 1 FOM. Specified the VIP of the first cluster and all VSAs went down - the FOM kept running. There is also a "shutdownNsm" command, but the FOM did not accept it. You can shutdown the FOM with the VMware "shutdown guest" option (the hypervisor tells the VMware tools to tell the guest OS=SAN/iQ to shut down).
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Re: Graceful shutdown of HP\Lefthand SAN

Shutdown or stop all disk I/O from all servers accessing the NSM,s.
OPen up CMC and then right click on your management group, select shutdown option - supposed to be a clean shutdown of a management group.
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Re: Graceful shutdown of HP\Lefthand SAN

Thanks for your thoughts on this subject guys.

I will let you know how I get on