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HP 6500 EVA can help me as JOBD.

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HP 6500 EVA can help me as JOBD.

I have Query regarding my storae requirement.

I have total 75 Servers (physical).

Each server have just 2TB HDD to store video and Audio files from application.

We need to store these all files centralized storage. our requirement is just 350TB to 400 TB maximum for 4months storage.

We dont want any virtualization becasue it's not possible to do it in this existing environment.

So, we need to share 8TB minimum to 17TB max on each server (depend on server) as map drive partition in windows server 2008 and 2003 environment.


So , I look HP 6500 Eva can help us to store and make partitions of minimum 8TB to max 17TB share over the network, so each server can get own space to store video and audio. we look MSA 600 modular but I think hard to manage. even we look Storage works D2000 series and P2000 series but those also look hard to manage.


please help me to choose best option.

Please remember that we dont need or we dont have virtualizations. we just need lots of disks to store all audio and video files.



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Re: HP 6500 EVA can help me as JOBD.

The P6500 can store up to 480 TB ->


You can even use thin provisioning, so IMHO this would be the best choice. If your servers don't have FC connectivity, you probably need a different solution (or additional hardware to serve iscsi).

Hope this helps!

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Re: HP 6500 EVA can help me as JOBD.

My All servers run on HP Proliant GL 380 G7 series, but no FC, all run 100MBit network, FC is there just few of them, all load diverted to 100mbits network.

That means my all servers must have to have FC on that? we can not share as maping the partition on EVA 6500?

I dont get it that which server need FC. the storage management server or all servers which is going to get share drive?

my aim is we want to use storage that our all servers can get own drive letter like C: D:  E: F: so on... and the files directly stored on the storage instead of local system. Right now we are moving files manualy and we have software that do automatically but we dont have big storage so, we cant run that software for that.

I want to know more about EVA 6500, I read lots material thats why I change mind on EVA 6500 instead of storage works D2000 family and MSA Modular 600.

but still dont clear my point.

just simple that we can get  10 TB or 15TB partition from EVA 6500 to on server as windows shared? using EVA 6500



Johan Guldmyr
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Re: HP 6500 EVA can help me as JOBD.

I haven't looked that deeply into the P6000 series. But the quickspecs comes with iSCSI natively:

3 new P6500 EVA dual controllers (available in two different rack mounting configurations)
P6500 EVA dual controller with eight 8Gb/s FC host ports
P6500 EVA dual controller with four 8Gb/s FC host ports and eight 1Gb/s iSCSI host ports
P6500 EVA dual controller with four 8Gb/s FC host ports and four 10Gb/s iSCSI/FCoE host ports

You could use the P6500 with iSCSI to present disks to your servers and with that disk you could create partitions.

Especially if you run 100MBit(really?) the performance/latency with iSCSI shouldn't be any issue. HP recommended that you have a dedicated subnet/vlan for iSCSI traffic.

If you're going to share physical disks (LUNs/vdisks) between multiple servers make sure you use a file system that supports it. CSV is one for Windows.

Another way to do it would be to have a few servers with FC HBA and use them as gateways, and that these servers then acts as iSCSI targets for your servers.
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Re: HP 6500 EVA can help me as JOBD.

Thanks Johan,

I cant convert servers for FC HBA and I can't use gateway, this is the old softwares on HP DL380 G7 and on DL 580 that software copy video and audio (security systems of malls, super markets, banks).

I am still thinking about MSA 600 modular but it will give me the complete solution that still we don't know. our goal is very critical at this stage.

is it okay is I use DAS (any storage works system upto 500TB max).

for example : 288TB of 2 systems D2000 - 2007 family DAS.

can we create Luns or partitions (we calculated that we need 14TB partition on each server , that would be 1partition of 14TB or 2 partions of 7TB *2). thats the fixed now.

We can change switch 100Mbits to 1GBE that we have option only for bandwidth.

I seen the 6500EVA manual and quickspec, thats why I am confused to choose correct one.

even some people advice for EMC clariion CX - 4 480 models but thats the not right choise as per my project plans.

we don't have any SQL or any flat files to copy. these are the audio's and videos of banks, malls ,super market security systems. at present we have just 4days recoding if anything happens we cant give any incident video before 4days. so any inidents happens we have to copy on external storage then remove it.

now policy is changed and we ASAP need good centralized storage atleast we can store our Audios and videos directly from field on this storage for several months (may be quarterly).

we dont need virtualizations becasue this system dont work on VM.

suggessions invited.



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Re: HP 6500 EVA can help me as JBOD.

Here is the scenario.

We have all servers 1GbE NIC cards but it's CAT 5 on 100Mbits switch, this switch have open four 1GbE ports.

my query is : we can connect 6500 EVA to the switch open port on 1GbE? so, we dont want to connect on each 70 or 80 servers? I dont want iSCSI I want only FC.


how EVA 6500 we can connect 70 to 80 servers?

I seen that EVA 6500 enclousers connect 6Gb SAS up and down to controller and front end is FC controller in EVA 6500.

so, using this controller FC we can connect to the my main network switch 1GbE port? from that we can deliver partitions to the all servers connected on CAT 5 100Mbits. network switch is CISCO Catalyst C2960-G 24TC. this have four 1gbps ports rest is 10/100/1000mbps. when I connect to windows the NIC speed show me 1gbps (all NIC is 1gbps in server).

is this work?


Thanks lots guys, please reply I am looking for solution.



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Re: HP 6500 EVA can help me as JBOD.

Thanks all,

This will not going to help.

I am looking on now HP MSD 600 disk array.

model 70drive * 2TB (6GB SAS).

I am closing this with the above configuration.

We planed for 840TB this included our future backup plan.