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HP CMC Initial Disk Report

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Occasional Contributor

HP CMC Initial Disk Report

Hi All,


Have just purchased a new HP VirtualStore and installed HP CMC 11 on a server (Windows Server 2012) that I wish to manage it from. I've clicked on 'Log in to view' and the CMC has been 'Getting the disk report from <name>' for close to 24 hours..


Just wondering how long this usually takes?

RAID 6 setup, approx. 5.5TB..


Thanks for any help..

Honored Contributor

Re: HP CMC Initial Disk Report

it should take all of 30 seconds.  Sounds like you have a network communication problem between CMC and your SAN.  make sure your gateway is working correctly.


Side note.  you don't need a "server" for CMC.  It doesn't have to run all the time for the san to operate.  It is just used to monitor and make changes.  Just install CMC on your desktop computer assuming you have routed access to your SAN.

Occasional Contributor

Re: HP CMC Initial Disk Report

Beautiful.. thank you.