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HP CMC Login very slow


HP CMC Login very slow



Recently I have added two nodes to our management group.

I also added the possibility to login with LDAP accounts.


I have noticed that login now takes a very long time.

The bottom of the screen displays the message: waiting 60 seconds to connect and log in to (storagenode)


This is with local and ldap accounts.


Any ideas?


Kind regards,


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Re: HP CMC Login very slow

well its more likely to be something with LDAP settings... how about you try removing the LDAP changes you made to the system and see if the login problem continues.
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Re: HP CMC Login very slow

How is your network defined? Remember, even you login from a desktop to P4000, one of the P4000 node will have to authenticate with the LDAP server (not the CMC client on your desktop). Hence if you are using a dedicated iSCSI VLAN and that is routed to other network where LDAP server resides, it might be take long time to authenticated. A simple test would be to ping the LDAP server from one of the node's network interface. Repeat it several times and see if you see a long response time, that could be an issue.


Very important, on P4000 some people use 2 NICs for seperate networks, one for iSCSI data and other for management, that definitely creates this kind of sluggish issues.


Please let us know what fixes your problem.

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Re: HP CMC Login very slow

I was having the same problem. The CMC uses DNS to look up the storage systems when logging into the CMC (from what I can tell).


So,  I created DNS entries for each of my storage systems and was able to log in MUCH faster.  Give that a go.