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HP CMC slow X display

Occasional Advisor

HP CMC slow X display

hi there,


we just installed an HP P4500 SAN solution, and we managed it through the HP CMC


on windows, no problem, the application is fast as it has to, but on linux (centos 6.2), remote display is very very verrrrrry slow (we tried another soft through X export, and it worked perfectly)


Are there any Java or app params that we must configure in order to have a fast app?



Occasional Advisor

Re: HP CMC slow X display

in reply to me :)


i install X window environment and a window manager on the server (that is not the better solution but it is one that work), and now CMC is as fast as on Windows ( i export a local vncviewer pointing on a local vncserver via X display)


I did not sniff network packets, but i think that the issue is here (X export display can be greedy, and CMC needs fast network replies)