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HP - Cisco Compatibility

HP - Cisco Compatibilit
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HP - Cisco Compatibility

Can anyone tell me if Cisco SFP+ 10Gig copper twinax cables work with the HP Lefthand SAN ?

Do the HP C7000s still require the HP direct attach cables, or will they support the Cisco cables?

Bobby Grewal



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Johan Guldmyr
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Re: HP - Cisco Compatibility


On question 1) Is that a HP P4000 G1 or G2?

G2 quickspecs:

For G2 it looks like the first one with 10Gb ports is the P4800 G2.

You can also upgrade.
INCLUDED. For supported cables & connectors, please reference the NC550SFP
QuickSpecs at:

This mentions both copper and fibre SFP+ cables. As long as the cable meets the requirement for 10GbE I don't see why it shouldn't work.

2) What do you mean? The quickspecs says that direct attach cables are copper. And anyway, each blade does not have a cable going directly to it. You put the cable in the back of the c7000 chassi. You will need a blade or mezzanine card that supports 10GbE and an interconnect module at the back of the c7000.
Michael Leu
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Re: HP - Cisco Compatibility

2) Cisco 10gig copper DAC cables with Virtual Connect Flex-10 here. I never found a official statement, but it works...