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HP LH4500 nic bonding with ALB


HP LH4500 nic bonding with ALB

Hi all;

I have a pair of 4500's where the nics are set up with ALB.  We have only had one data cable plugged in but lately I noticed bandwidth getting up there.  I went to plug in the second cable to the same switch with the port set up in the same way as the first one but it knocked the cluster out. I paniced and pulled the cable.  the system resynced everything and all is good, but is this expected behavior when bringing the second link  online?


A second question is what would happen if one port is 1000 and the second port is 100 on a temporary basis while I upgrade code in the switches.  I understand that I can plug these 2 ports into 2 seperate switches.

snapshot of setup attached.


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