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HP Lefthand P4500 Muli-Site San Bundle 10GBit Bond

Occasional Advisor

HP Lefthand P4500 Muli-Site San Bundle 10GBit Bond


we have installed a HP Lefthand P4500 21,4 TB Bundle with 10Gbit Upgrade Kit.
We have Setup a Muli-Site San Bundle with 2 Sites.
On every P4500 we have two cables to two 2910al Switches with CX4 Modules.
The bond is setup with Active-Passiv.
When we disconnect one link, the P4500 Box is no longer available and no link failover is working.

Any ideas to this problem?
Occasional Advisor

Re: HP Lefthand P4500 Muli-Site San Bundle 10GBit Bond

i you will test the failover you must physically disconnect the lefthand from the switch. it's not enough to disconnect the switch port via console or web gui.