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HP Lefthand nodes powering on after shutdown

Thomas Mill
Occasional Contributor

HP Lefthand nodes powering on after shutdown

Hi all,


Just going through a Datacentre move for my passive hardware (The kit on the passive Datacentre), and whilst setting it all up I had to power on 5 of the P4500's.


I then powered them all off, but a few hours after doing so they all came up of their own accord!!


Why is this? I've never tinkered with the power setitngs..... can you point me towards where to find out these settings.





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Re: HP Lefthand nodes powering on after shutdown

I can't say for sure, but maybe there is something int he bios configured to power on automatically after power failure as opposed to "last state" or "always off".  I haven't seen the bios for your model, but its just a computer and most other bios' have that option so I would assume that one does as well.  I would be that option is configured and they lost and then regained power and therefore turned on.