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HP P4000 Hardware RAID Change questions

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HP P4000 Hardware RAID Change questions

Hi all,


My company have 2 HP P4000 currently set to RAID 10 both hardware and network RAID across 2 sites. We run a CRM system on it and are running out of disk space quickly. I have a couple of questions on how to change my hadrware RAID configuration from RAID 10 to RAID 5 and the process to do this.


Firstly i would like to say i do not want to do this and i have attempted to get management to rethink there budget but there is nothing in the budget to do anything at the minute so i have no option.


Ive read the SAN solution user guide that says changing the hardware RAID configuration will erase all the data on the disks. Is it just as simple as removing one of the P4000 from the existing member group, changing the hardware RAID from 10 to 5 which will destroy all data and re-adding it back into the member group and allowing it to rebuild and once fully rebuilt do the same with the other P4000? Im sure there must be more to it than this!


Has anyone done this before and is there any considerations i need to take into account?


Any help will be greatly appreciated.







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Re: HP P4000 Hardware RAID Change questions

As long as the volumes are Network  RAID 10 you shlould be good to go.

You will need to contact support and have them put the node in repair mode.

If you dont want to contact support you can put it in repair mode by rebooting the quickly put in repair mode before the store service starts. (kind of tricky to do)

Remove it from the cluster then the management group, reconfigure the HW RAID then add it back and let it restripe.

Repeat this for the number of nodes you have in the cluster.


You will not reclaim all the space until the entire cluster is done.