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HP P4000 VSA & SRA for Vmware SRM 5

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HP P4000 VSA & SRA for Vmware SRM 5


I´m setting up a lab with 2 ESXi 5 hosts + SRM 5 and 2 HP P4000 VSA at each site replicating 1 volume

At Vmware SRM setup, I could add successfully both array Managers at each site but at Array Pairs tab the Local and remote Arrays are not displayed

I have the latest HP CMC version and P4000 VSA software (vs,and version of SRA is (HP P4000 SRA for Vmware SRM 5.0)

There is a post with VMware communities and more and more people are reporting tha same issue

I do believe this is a bug with the SRA for Vmware SRM 5

Anyone has seen this problem?



Re: HP P4000 VSA & SRA for Vmware SRM 5

I had the same problem initially - turned out that I'd created volumes under two different clusters in the same management group, whereas the volumes & clusters need to be in different management groups for the SRA to discover the replication relationship.


Once I rectified that problem, the SRA discovered everything just fine....


Jason D

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Re: HP P4000 VSA & SRA for Vmware SRM 5

Great stuff Jason! It really did work out for me.

Tanks a lot!