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HP P4300 G2 hang before BIOS

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HP P4300 G2 hang before BIOS

Hi. I have 4 HP P4300 Storages. Two of them hangs during boot and they show nothing on monitor (completely black). The front Led turns red and I can't access the servers. Any suggestion?


Re: HP P4300 G2 hang before BIOS

Hi DTI, 

You can troubleshoot the P4300 G2 like a DL180 G6 or DL380 G6 ProLiant server. See the maintenance guide at

No video with a red system health light could happen with a failed CPU, memory, system board or peripheral. The iLO management processor may be running even if the main CPU cannot. Try connecting the network to the mgmt port, see if it gets a DHCP address, log in and see if it can give you any more information.

It is very helpful in a case like this to have known good parts which can be swapped to identify the bad parts.

I am an HPE employee - HPE StoreVirtual Support