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HP P4300 Operation System

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HP P4300 Operation System

Hello everybody,

I gotta a simple (maybe stupid) question...

I'm close to buy a HP StorageWorks P4300 and in the budget, it shows me two Microsoft Windows Operation Systems...

My question is: This Storage P4300 have your own Operation System and independs of one Server to control them or not?? it must have a Server to control the Storage??


Thanks all!!!

Brad Endsley_1
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Re: HP P4300 Operation System

What you do is when you get the SAN, you have a serial cable to connect to the serial port on the back of each node.  There you will set the IP address to access the SAN from the HP Storage Console software (or whatever it's called) which you install on a Windows client.  From that software, you manage your SAN.

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Re: HP P4300 Operation System

HP P4300 is run by SANIQ. Upon boot, you will see it more simillar to a Linux boot operation.

You just type start on the console to access the management features. This allows you to put in the IP Address, create admin users etc..

To manage your SAN, you install the CMC (central management console) on a supported OS say windows server 2008 etc.. The CMC allows you to create vols, add servers, assign luns etc..