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HP P4300G2 Compatibility with Storevirtual 4330FC

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HP P4300G2 Compatibility with Storevirtual 4330FC



We have an existing HP P4300 G2 7.2TB SAS Starter SAN storage and would like to add more storage to the exisiting cluster.

Please confirm if the HP StoreVirtual 4330 FC 900GB SAS (B7E20A) is compatible with the existing appliance? We'd like to add 2 qty of B7E20A (i.e. upgrade by 14.4TB RAW).



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Re: HP P4300G2 Compatibility with Storevirtual 4330FC

I don't know the specific node modle information, but all nodes are "compatable" with eachother.  The issue is regarding capacity and performance and then basic version compatability.  I believe the G2 nodes you speak of can run v11.5 software.   As long as they can run v11.5, there will be no feature loss by putting the nodes with them.  Just keep in mind that maybe at some point new features may not become available as with what happened with G1 nodes not too long ago.


Assuming G2 nodes run v11.5, then the only other issue is node capacity and speed.  As long as the current nodes are the same spindle speed and raw capacity as the new nodes you are adding, then you will not have to worry about anything when adding the new nodes.  If the old nodes are smaller capacity, then keep in mind that if you are adding them to the same cluster, then they will only add as much capacity per node as the existing nodes are.  If the new nodes are faster than the existing nodes, keep in mind that the speed of the overall cluster will be limitd to the speed of your slowest node (which I don't think is an issue here, but you wouldn't want to pay for an SSD speed node and put it with a SATA7.2k node!)

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Re: HP P4300G2 Compatibility with Storevirtual 4330FC

Yep unless you have a compelling reason to put them in the same cluster, I would keep them separate. They will end up running at the speed of the older ones. I would put them in the same management group but in a seperate cluster.

David Tocker
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Re: HP P4300G2 Compatibility with Storevirtual 4330FC

The P4300 G2 7.2 SAS Starter SAN was a 2-node system with eight 450GB drives in each node. All cluster members need to be configured identically (or you'll get the "lowest common denominator as aijkn said). The 4330/450GB (B7E17A) would be compatible. You would need four of them to add that much storage.


You could also use a pair of 4330/900GB (B7E18A) if you do not need FC. You would simply create a new cluster with the big 4330’s.