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HP P4300G2 Disk Health Status 'Faulty'


HP P4300G2 Disk Health Status 'Faulty'

Hi Geeks,

                  Appreciate any swift response here for my problem. We have two nodes of P4300G2 in one cluster. Each node is RAID 5. Recently I noticed my drive 8 health status to be "faulty" on my first node which I then replaced with a new drive then I saw in the status that it is rebulding the RAID with some  % complete. I understand it should rebuild/restrip automaticaly so I left it for the weekend to finish up.  I came back on Monday and found out that it has not successfully rebuild and it still says drive 8 is faulty and should be replaced..... What should I do here and If I've missed something out. Should I do a reboot on the storage devices ?.. Appreciate any help here.


Find attached snapshots of my CMC


Thank you so much.