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HP P4500 G2

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HP P4500 G2

need help installing Windows 2008 r2 on my P4500 G2, I also have no clue how to get into the units BIOS.


How do I boot from a DVD to install Windows Server?

How do you configure the RAID containers? 


Thanks a ton, Lions240

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Re: HP P4500 G2

ouch.  really?  Why are you going to do that?  You are going to be better off selling the unit and then you should be able to buy a much better server for the money.  The hardware is OK, but the real value in it is the software it can run.  you are taking a 25k investment and turning it into a 5k server.

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Re: HP P4500 G2

+1 but if you must its just like any other server so its the same process as a normal dl180 etc. You cant update the firmware to the latest either...

David Tocker