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HP P4500 Multisite - Lun for swap files

Aart Kenens

HP P4500 Multisite - Lun for swap files



I want to create a seperate lun for my swapfiles.

Now I was looking at network RAID5 instead of RAID 10 as it would be a wast of space.


But since volumes are thin provisioned, it doesn't matter if I use RAID5 or RAID10 since in normal operation swap file is not used. Only the space for the swap file is reserved on the LUN.


The only scenario I can imaging where there can be use of .vswp file is when one side goes down and my remaining host don't have enough memory for all the VM's.

So VM's start swapping and then my .vswp files are getting synced.(if setup in network RAID10)


If this scenario applies to my RAID5 lun, then I would loose the lun. And my vm's cannot start up at the other side because they don't have a storage to create their .vswp files.


So considering this scenario, i'll be better of with RAID10 after all, correct?

Trusted Contributor

Re: HP P4500 Multisite - Lun for swap files

Network RAID 5 Delivers approximately 60% utilization of raw disk capacity assuming disk RAID 5 in storage nodes plus Network RAID 5 across nodes.

But Network RAID 5 performance decreases about 50% when the SAN is degraded due to node failure or reboot.


Network RAID 5 is recommended for use with mostly read, sequential applications such as file shares and archives.

Network RAID 10 is the default protection level as it has the best balance of performance and protection and it is recommended for use with any applications 


If you were to ask me, unless you are using a File share or Archive... I would use Network RAID 10.

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