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HP P4500 "Drop Packages" on Cisco Switch 2960S

Occasional Advisor

HP P4500 "Drop Packages" on Cisco Switch 2960S


i have a problem with a HP P4500. I saw on my Cisco 2960S Switches millions auf "Drop Packages" on the LeftHand Ports.

Server / Cisco / P4500 Firmware are up to date.

MTU Size from the LeftHand is 1500. Flow Control enabled.

The NICs from the P4500 are in Bonding with the ALB Modus.



Thanks a lot



Gediminas Vilutis
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP P4500 "Drop Packages" on Cisco Switch 2960S



In what direction are these packaged droped? Outgoing to P4500 node ir incoming from P4500 node? 


I also assume that you checked ethernet cabling (should be at least Cat5E) and duplex settings?