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HP Static High Performance Mode on P4500

Aart Kenens

HP Static High Performance Mode on P4500

Hello all,


We always take this selection in Bios for our virtual hosts but what with our multisite P4500 lefthand cluster?

There is an option on the iLo to configure these power management settings.


Is it advised to change these settings, do we get performance benefits from it? (less latency?)

Trusted Contributor

Re: HP Static High Performance Mode on P4500

HP Static High Performance Mode: Processors will run in their maximum power/performance state at all times regardless of the OS power management policy.

This is quite not desirable, because CPU usage on P4000 is not very high and hence providing it with max power all the time.. is not gonna help.

Your Latency is far more bound to the Disk, Controller and Backplane than any other component.

So I would not recommend changing the setting.
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