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HP StoreVirtual 4530 & Netgear SFP?

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HP StoreVirtual 4530 & Netgear SFP?

We have just purchased two StoreVirtual 4530 (pn: B7E26B) and noticed they come shipped with a dual 10GBE sfp network card. According to the quickspecs sheet the network card is the NC552SFP model. The original plan was to connect the 4530's using the intergrated four port 1GBE network card, however, as we have some of the new Netgear M4300 switches (include both 10GBE SFP and 10GBE copper ports) we are now looking at connecting the 4530's over 10GBE. 

We have spare Netgear 10GBE SFP+ single mode transceivers (pn: AXM762). Would these work in the NC552SFP network card or would we need to purchase HP branded SFP modules.

The 4530's and the Netgear fibre switches are no more than 3meters apart from one and other. If the Netgear SFP transeivers arent an option, is there a HP 10GBE DAC cable we can purchase (to connect to either 10GBE SFP or 10GBE copper) on the Netgear switches?

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Re: HP StoreVirtual 4530 & Netgear SFP?

I'd say check SPOCK (HPE Single Point Of Connectivity Knowledge) and the StoreVirtual 4000 QuickSpec. You can find the QuickSpec on the StoreVirtual 4000 product page.

Mike Chivers
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Re: HP StoreVirtual 4530 & Netgear SFP?

I am also looking to use the Netgear M4300 switches.  Did you have success with these using the DAC cables?

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Re: HP StoreVirtual 4530 & Netgear SFP?

Generally DAC's are more compatible than SFP optics across equipment and normally work with all vendors.

Brocade is a notable exception to the rule.

More than likely any DAC cable will work in the situation you have described.

Otherwise you can look at getting coded optics from the likes of


David Tocker