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HP StoreVirtual CMC upgrade help

Occasional Contributor

HP StoreVirtual CMC upgrade help

Hello All

Hoping you can help. Our Left  Hand is currently running OS 11.5 and we are looking to upgrade to version 12.0 (some of our nodes are P4500G2 which i believe limits us to v12 as I think they are not compatible with later OS versions)

We install the cmc console on our workstations and connect that way but are thinking that maybe a better thing to do would be to start using the cmc virtual appliance.

I was wondering if anyone has gone through the same process? if so, is there any doco that takes you through the process in a step by step way to make sure we get it right.

many thanks


Re: HP StoreVirtual CMC upgrade help

There is no virtual CMC appliance avaiable, but you can of course install the CMC on a Windows or Linux VM as long as that VM has connection to the storage network. 

There is a HPE StoreVirtual Storage Upgrade Guide available for more information on how to upgrade.