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HP StoreVirtual Storage (Network RAID10)

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HP StoreVirtual Storage (Network RAID10)

Good day,

I have a small question, I cannot find the storage space calculator for below config, so hopefully somebody can help me out.

Current configuration:

2x HP Letfhand P4000, 2x HP Lethand P4200:

  1. Raw Space:  3.27 TB
  2. RAID (Hardware): 5
  3. Usable Space: 2.8 TB
  4. Provisioned Space: 2.59


  • Network Raid10 2-way mirror
  • Total Space: 11.5 TB
  • Available Space 0.88 TB
  • Utilization: 92%
  • Disks: (Thick) Full provisioned

What will happen if I add the next SAN node number 5 (HP Lethand 4300) on the same config, or what will the Utilization be?

Best regards,

Henry van der Leer

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Re: HP StoreVirtual Storage (Network RAID10)

Hi Henry,

i guess this KB will help you figure it all out.

HP StoreVirtual 4000 Storage - Calculating Hardware and Network RAID Space Consumption


I am an HPE employee - HPE StoreVirtual Support

Re: HP StoreVirtual Storage (Network RAID10)


the available cluster capacity always depends on the smallest node of your cluster.

If you use Network RAID 10, than:

Available capacity =  (number of nodes x available capacity of smallest cluster node) / 2 

I.e. assuming that your additional node will provide at least the capacity of your currently smallest node (2.8TB), than you would get:

Total space: 5 x 2.8TB =14TB

Usable capacity (Network RAID 10): 5 x 2.8TB / 2 = 7TB