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HP Storevirtual 4330 boot problem - Probing EDD(edd=off to disable)

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HP Storevirtual 4330 boot problem - Probing EDD(edd=off to disable)


Have 2 HP Storevirtual 4330's. I have set one up and it is working pefectly. Yesterday I unboxed the 2nd one, set it up and all was working OK until I installed the fibre card.


Now it boots and gets to the LefthandOS select screen. After the LeftHandOS is selected a blank screen with the following is presented :


Probing EDD (edd=off to disable)...ok

The machine dosnt boot, and after about 15 minutes goes to a black screen.


I made a silly mistake and disabled all USB ports after I had set it up and put in the card, so I cant even access the SAN now.


What are my options? Lights Out?


Please help!!!!

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Re: HP Storevirtual 4330 boot problem - Probing EDD(edd=off to disable)

If the iLO is configured then you wil need to reboot the node and enable the USB controller in BIOS, turn on the server and press F9 to enter in to BIOS. 

Go to System Options > USB Control > USB Enabled.

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