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HP VSA 2014 - Replace one disk (hot swap?)

Occasional Advisor

HP VSA 2014 - Replace one disk (hot swap?)



We're running three vSphere hosts with a logical volume containing of 4 disks each, in RAID-10.


These logical volumes are used to build a Networkd Raid 10 (2-way mirror) disk, presented to vSphere.


Now, one physical disk in one of the vSphere hosts are marked as failed. HP VSA noticed when the disk failed, and a couple of IO error events occured. But after a few minutes everything seems ok in the HP VSA.


I'm able to see in iLO and vSphere client which disk needs to be replaced.


Is it safe to hot-swap this failed physical disk in the vSphere host, or do I need to do someting in CMC?



Roman Starun
Occasional Advisor

Re: HP VSA 2014 - Replace one disk (hot swap?)

So you do have RAID 10 based on your hardware raid controller on VMware host?

In that case VSA knows nothing about disks in that raid 10 volume. You can swap failed disk and VSA would not even know about that failure.