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HP VSA Problem with remote volumes

Occasional Contributor

HP VSA Problem with remote volumes



In my enviroment i have setup an HP VSA server version with ESXI 5.0


I have an HP Proliand ml110 g7 with an HP P410i Controller . I have 2 arrays . One raid1 for the esxi and VSA and one raid 5 with four disks of 3 TB for the datastore. 


Before 2 days without warnings the big array stoped working . This happened when the system was online and copying stuff to the datastore. After i reboot the machine i see in the bios of the controller that there was an error in the array and to press any key to fix it and recheck the array. I did it and after it finishes i reboot again the server and i can logon succesfully to the vsa . No in management console i take errors that the remote volumes are offline and all the remote volumes i have setup seems lost. 


Is there something i can do ? How can i see if the data exists on the hard disks ?