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HP VSA with direct attached servers

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HP VSA with direct attached servers


i woul like to know is it posible to get HP VSA running on two servers connected with only 10GbE ethernet cards and DAC cables?

I plan to inteconnect the servers with 10GbE over this two cards, without use of any switch betwen the servers, and need to know is it posible ?


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Asmir Mustafic 

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Re: HP VSA with direct attached servers


I think it is not supported but it will work



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Re: HP VSA with direct attached servers

not 100% on if you are looking to use DAS shared storage for the back end or the front.  The VSA OS will only serve data using iSCSI and no other option is available.  As for the back end, any supported method for attaching drives to the hypervisor is supported for the storage for the VSA itself.  Be that DAS, shared DAS, FC, or even iSCSI...  the catch is, they don't support a chicken/egg situation where you can't store the backend storage of a VSA on an iSCSI LUN provided by the VSA itself.  You also really shouldn't use sharged DAS or FC for the storage of two or more VSAs since it pretty much negates the benefit of the VSA since if the back end storage goes down, so does your cluster!  While there is nothing physically preventing this configuration from running, it isn't a good idea and isn't "supported" in the sense that HP isn't going to troubleshoot or respond much to you complaining your system goes down when its configured like that.